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    "He describes it as a series of experimentation with negative and positive space. The result: a collection he calls “The Great Invisibles.” James Sebor further distills the process to its bare essentials: “By breaking down an image into two values of black and white, similar to a Rorschach ink blot, one begins to see new characters and objects that can be redrawn into those shapes.” The pareidolia (seeing faces in unusual things or seeing things that are not there) he orchestrates, however steep his palette is in surreal psychedelia, is still accessible. His grasp of subconscious story telling and intuitive play provokes as well as rewards the mind of the viewer.".. Spreadophilia
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    All acrylic paintings are well cared for and ready to hang. I have personally reviewed, edited, approved and released all printed art in this store. The gallery wrapped canvas prints are rich with color and detail. The matte paper prints are perfect for pinning to your wall or putting a frame around. Framed prints are ready to hang in frames worthy of any wall.

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    I'm often asked, "Where do my ideas come from?" Well, exposure to artists such as, Chuck Jones (Road Runner), Max Fleischer (Popeye), Bill Elder, Jack Davis, Wally Wood (Mad Magazine) and others as a child, has left a vast array of characters for my subconscious to feed off of. This imagery filtered through pareidolia, creates the surreal psychedelia, the mysterious, the twisted playfulness and whimsy you'll see in my work. What does it all mean? If the melding of conscious images with subconscious memories, were that simple to understand it would no longer provoke our minds. So..... who knows lol!

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