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From the time he was a child, James Sebor seemed destined to be an artist. He was born on Vincent van Gogh's 104th birthday in 1957, the son of a conductor on the Long Island Railroad. Like so many of us, Sebor grew up with a third parent - television. (Chuck Jones (Road Runner) and Max Fleischer(Popeye) for example and other influences outside of television; Bill Elder Jack Davis Wally Wood (Mad Magazine) and Frank Zappa(Musician) to name a few). Television is, by its very nature, a surreal world. And to the fertile mind of a naturally creative child, unfettered by adult perceptions, it's a world of not just limitless POSSIBILITIES, but limitless PROBABILITIES. With a BA from Southampton College under his arm Sebor left Long Island for California. There, in Oceanside, he found the closest thing to an artist's "heaven on earth," a studio over a pizza parlor. No need for TV anymore, plenty to see right from his studio window. Today, he's back living on Long Island, playing the New York gallery game and married to a school psychologist. Don't expect to look at James Sebor's paintings and hope to understand them. If its emphasis on the melding of conscious images with unconscious and subconscious memories, were that simple it would no longer provoke our minds. Sebor plays games with our minds - cat and mouse games - as in his paintuing by the same name. Having seen his "Lunch" painting you'll never be able to face down a deluxe cheeseburger with fries again. Sebor's paintings are warm and damp with jungle humidity and human perspiration generated from curiosity, tears, longing, humor, terror, love, hate - all the emotions that are the building blocks of the psyche. Yet he also embraces the logic behind the drawings of M. C. Escher.

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I am in the process of rescanning all my images and redesigning this site. All images posted here are available in print form. I use a professional printer who creates the highest quality limited edition prints available on watercolor paper and canvas. If you are not happy with a print you ordered send it back and get a full refund. Unless an image is labeled "print only" the original painting is available as well. The gallery is open for you to enjoy the higher resolution images scanned thus far. Check back periodically to see more.


James Sebor